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Algodon Wine Estates is a place that invites you to discover a particular lifestyle related sports and traditions of wine.

Guided tours: Guided tours of the winery include a stroll through the vineyards and winery and a tasting of our wines. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and is performed Tuesday through Sunday at the following times: 10 am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm and 4pm. This activity has no cost.

Development of a blend: This program is designed especially for those who want to experience everything about our wines, a fun way. It takes approximately four hours and is ideal to enjoy with friends and includes:

A tour of the vineyards: the road from the restaurant at the clubhouse, where the tour begins, to the vineyards our sommelier and winemaker will give an introduction to the world of wine. The talk covers topics such as farming methods, irrigation, climate and agronomic practices which are played on the vine in order to obtain an optimum quality raw material. Depending on the season, visitors can participate in activities such as pruning, thinning or harvesting of our vineyards.

Guided tour of the winery: Here, visitors learn about the process of developing a traditional wine. Again, if the time of year is appropriate, may participate in the winemaking process, doing some work as a selection of clusters in the milling sector.

Sampling of three varietal wines: Participants will have the opportunity to learn to cut their own wine or blend, but previously there will be a tasting of each varietal involved separately. This includes a detailed description and evaluation of each of the wines.

Preparation of the blend thoroughly after learning the basic differences between varietals, each group member can create your own court, then bottled and labeled so they can take back to their homes. Our sommelier will select the best cut according to their sensory attributes and receiving a cash prize to its creator.

Lunch or Dinner: Our restaurant specializes in authentic gourmet cuisine of Argentina. It has the traditional roasted in clay oven and a wood where every delicious dish is prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients that come from the farm and the region where our wines are the perfect complement. During lunch, participants will learn about the relationship between food and wine and service techniques appropriate to enhance the components of the dishes and wines in a correct "pairing".

Tasting Practice: Entering the world of wine and have fun with friends, has been the main objective of this program for 3 hours. The idea is to learn to taste wine, using a selection of aromatic descriptors and techniques to recognize the price - quality, of different wines, also incorporating the cuisine, as the course culminates in a marriage of our wines, accompanied by products regional, produced in the farm.

Lodge: The Lodge is located in front of the vineyards and a few meters from the restaurant, and are inspired by traditional and Argentina stay in an elegant country style. Here, you'll enjoy quiet nights surrounded by vineyards, where each suite has a fireplace or wood burning fireplace and access to a private gallery. Everything you need to make you feel in a warm and homey.

One of the inns where the lodge is situated was built in 1921 and was restored and renovated to restore its original design with adobe walls and cane. The lodge also has a library, pool and cutting edge services available to guests. Its modern facilities and old world charm combine to create the perfect getaway for guests who travel the Wine Route.

Restaurant: Our award-winning restaurant specializes in authentic gourmet cuisine of Argentina. It has the traditional roasted and wood-burning clay oven where delicious dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients that come from the farm and the region. A variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, truffles, olives and olive oil (homemade) make up the ideal raw material in this kitchen. Our wines and olive oil are essential in accompanying each dish, and the serene atmosphere in the heat of the fireplace invites desktop in the conversation and reflection are the stars. Guests and residents will surely want to know the secrets of the traditional cuisine of Argentina over the cooking classes given throughout the year by our experienced chefs.

The restaurant at the clubhouse was built with wood and stones typical of the region, which will provide a unique rustic atmosphere and is surrounded by our ancient olive trees and the driving range.


Algodón Wine Estates Viñas del Golf
Ruta Nacional Nº 144 Km. 674
Cuadro Benegas
San Rafael, Mendoza.

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